• 14 Day return for store credit
  • Must be in same condition as it was when sold along with original packaging
  • No returns on open consumable products or ANY software products.
  • Special order items are NOT refundable

30 Day hardware warranty on used products
60 Day hardware warranty on new products
60 Day hardware warranty on cell phones
90 Day hardware warranty on refurbished Computers

Please note that software issues are NOT covered under warranty as these are controlled/updated by the manufacturer not us.  We will do our best to provide support but will not exchange a product based on a software problem specifically.

Receipts are required for ANY Returns/Exchanges/Warranty


Cash refunds are not an options unless we offer that before the sale is made, in which case we will provide this in writing on the receipt itself.


By purchasing anything on this website or in our store you have agreed to above. This is also posted at the checkout counter in the store.